IPNS Names

Build and scale your projects with secure, mutable IPNS name records for your content using advanced cryptography.

IPFS Pinning

Name records for your content

Secure and scalable IPNS name records for decentralized applications.

Instant Creation.
Log into your Filebase dashboard and create a Name record. Records are instantly created and resolveable from any IPFS gateway.
Automatic Publishing.
IPNS records are automatically published to the IPFS DHT every 4 hours.
Import Existing Keys.
Already have a key pair? Not a problem. Filebase supports importing existing IPNS records and keys.
IPNS Names

How It Works

Our simple 3 step process makes IPFS pinning a breeze.

IPNS Key Generation

Users create a public-private key pair with a single click or API call. Existing keys can be imported too.

IPNS Key Association

Public keys are associated with IPFS content, creating a unique identifier. IPNS records are automatically published to the IPFS DHT every 4 hours.

IPNS Key Updates

With a single click or API call, private keys can be used to sign and update IPNS records, ensuring consistent access to the latest content.

IPNS Use Cases

The technology behind IPNS enables a variety of new use cases. Here are some commonly used examples.

Content Distribution
IPNS enables persistent, human-readable links for frequently updated content, such as news articles or dynamic web pages, hosted on IPFS.
Decentralized Websites
Build and launch websites by associating a domain with an IPFS address through IPNS, ensuring the site remains accessible even if content changes.
Versioned Data
Use IPNS to link to different versions of datasets on IPFS, allowing users to easily access and verify the latest or specific versions.
Secure Messaging
Implement secure messaging systems by associating user identities with IPNS addresses, ensuring secure and verifiable communication over the IPFS network.

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