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Stop worrying about slow or unreliable speeds. See why the best choose Filebase over NFT.Storage.

Why choose Filebase vs. NFT.Storage

Key featuresNFT.StorageFilebase
Upload Size Limit 100 MB5 GB
File Size Limit 32 GB1 TB
Dedicated Gateways-
Image Resizing-
Custom Domains-
IPNS Names-
S3 Compatible API-
100% Compliant Pinning Service API-
Integrates with 15,000+ SDKs and Tools-

Trusted by 35,000+ enterprises and developers

NFT Studios

The storage you need

Durable, scalable, and secure IPFS pinning to support cloud-native applications.

Drag and Drop to Web3.
Drag and drop your files over in seconds. Files are instantly pinned to IPFS and accessible from any IPFS gateway.
S3 Compatible API.
Our API functions as a drop-in replacement for Amazon S3. Pinning has never been easier.
Filebase automatically replicates, pins, and announces your data from multiple data centers around the world.
IPFS Pinning

Trusted by developers worldwide

Files uploaded to Web3
1.5 Billion+
Developers on the platform
Daily requests
30 Million+
Uptime guarantee

The performance you need

Incredibly fast speeds and no rate limits: Filebase Dedicated Gateways are optimized to serve your demanding users.

Fast Global CDN.
Maximize download performance and reduce latency with our global edge caching network.
Custom Domain Names.
Create a consistent branding experience by adding your own domain name.
Image Optimization.
Instantly resize images on the fly to fit your needs, as many times as you need.
Dedicated IPFS Gateways

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