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Company Overview

We've built the world’s first object storage platform powered by decentralized storage networks.

Our platform unifies multiple networks under a single S3-compatible API to make decentralized storage accessible and easy to use for everyone.

By utilizing innovative and cutting edge technology, we enable our customers to save over 90% on their storage costs compared to traditional cloud providers.

Additionally, our proprietary caching technology helps customers achieve industry-leading performance when writing and fetching data to and from decentralized networks.

Our Mission

We aim to improve user experience, streamline processes, and reduce overall cloud storage costs by leveraging decentralized technologies.

Our goal is to make decentralized storage accessible and easy to use for everyone. We're doing this by building a scalable, secure and performant access layer to decentralized storage networks, with a familiar S3-compatible interface.

We believe in giving users choice, and providing the ability to store data on the networks of their choosing.

Our Leadership Team

A founding team with experience in large scale web applications and enterprise storage markets.

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    Joshua Noble

    Co-Founder / CEO

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    Zachary Cohen

    Co-Founder / COO

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Our Investors

Backed by some of the most well-known crypto and SaaS venture investors.

  • Multicoin Capital
  • Version One Ventures
  • Ryan Selkis

    Messari Founder & CEO