Dedicated Gateways

Stop worrying about slow or unreliable speeds. Filebase Dedicated Gateways are the fastest way to retrieve content from IPFS.

IPFS Dedicated Gateways

The performance you need

Filebase Dedicated Gateways are optimized to serve your demanding users.

Fast Global CDN.
Retrieve content from our global edge network featuring over 250 points of presence.
Custom Domain Names.
Create a consistent branding experience by adding your own domain name.
Image Optimization.
With image optimization you're able to instantly resize images on the fly to fit your needs.
Dedicated IPFS Gateways

How It Works

Our simple 3 step process makes creating a dedicated gateway a breeze.

Create your gateway

Log into your Filebase dashboard, choose a name, and create a dedicated gateway

Attach your domain name

Once you've created your dedicated gateway, attach your domain name to give it a professional appearance.

Share your content

Link to and fetch content from IPFS using your dedicated gateway. Content retrieveal is accelerated using our fast global CDN.

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