Spotlight: How Arzen Evolved from a Filebase Competitor to a Strategic Partner

Spotlight: How Arzen Evolved from a Filebase Competitor to a Strategic Partner


Arzen, a cloud marketplace in France for centralized and decentralized cloud providers, believes that decentralized storage is the future. In order to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 clouds, Arzen offers businesses a way to migrate easily and quickly with a drag-and-drop interface. Businesses can easily ensure that their files remain confidential and secure.

Business Challenge

With their previous decentralized cloud platform, Arzen struggled with unpredictable costs and data loss. Their bill increased to 10x due to API fees and transaction fees. The Arzen team was launching their first MVP in order to allow users to store data on the decentralized web without being forced to configure their own wallets.

What They Were Looking For in a Solution

  • Stable costs
  • Transparent pricing
  • High performance
  • No technical friction

Filebase as the Solution

  • Stable costs and transparent pricing: Thanks to our flat rate pricing structure, they know what their bill will be every month and were able to get their costs predictable and under control. And because we do not charge for API transactions, the Arzen team's bill does not depend on company usage.
  • Network performance: Due to Filebase's edge-caching technology, Arzen can prevent data loss for their customers and allow their users to store data securely and safely.
  • S3 compatibility: Because Filebase's S3-compatible API worked right out of the box with all of Arzen's existing tech stack, migrating to Filebase was a configuration change that happened in seconds - no code changes were required of the Arzen team.
  • True File Size: Many decentralized storage networks have differing (and large) minimum file sizes that are costly to the end-user and result in padding on the network. With Filebase, there is no minimum file/sector size.
  • No Technical Friction: While trying to deploy on decentralized storage networks directly, Arzen experience a handful of network imposed limitations which caused technical friction and added unnecessary costs/padding of data. Filebase does not charge for things like API requests and features no minimum duration periods/no minimum file sizes when looking to store data at-scale.

Strategic Partner with Predictable Pricing

Switching to Filebase allows the Arzen team to integrate decentralized storage networks like Storj and Skynet into their business offering, while maintaining stable pricing and not needing to deal with minimum file size issues or specific requirements/API's.

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