Introducing the Filebase Switch & Save Program

Introducing the Filebase Switch & Save Program

Today we're excited to introduce the Filebase Switch & Save Program, an opportunity for IPFS users of competing services to increase their performance and save money at the same time. The structure of this program is very simple: Switch to Filebase, send us a previous invoice from a competing IPFS pinning service, and we'll award you 3 months of free Filebase service credit.

Why Switch to Filebase?

Seamless Transition and Savings

  • Three Months of Credits: Kickstart your journey with Filebase with three months of credits, allowing you to enjoy our full suite of services without any initial financial commitments while you migrate and save.

Unparalleled Affordability

  • Competitive Pricing: Benefit from the lowest $/TB bandwidth rates in the IPFS market with Filebase. Our scalable solutions are designed to provide you with more storage for less, setting a new standard for cost-effective decentralized storage. Learn more about our pricing.

Enhanced Performance

  • Filebase CDN: Our Content Delivery Network dramatically improves data retrieval times, offering a significant speed and reliability boost across the globe. With the Filebase CDN, your content is delivered with minimal latency, optimizing user experiences. Discover the Filebase CDN.

Advanced Tools for Easy Migration

  • IPFS Pin Sync: Effortlessly migrate your IPFS CIDs to Filebase using our IPFS Pin Sync tool, ensuring a quick and efficient transition. Explore IPFS Pin Sync.
  • Filebase SDK: Simplify development with the Filebase SDK, enabling direct integration of Filebase services into your applications. Check out the Filebase SDK.
  • S3-Compatible API: Seamlessly integrate your existing S3 applications with Filebase, thanks to our S3-compatible API, facilitating easy adoption and minimal workflow disruptions. Start with our S3 API.

Joining the Switch & Save Program

  1. Sign Up: Create your Filebase account here for a better IPFS experience.
  2. Submit Your Bill: Fill out the Switch & Save form, and upload a recent bill from your current IPFS provider, allowing us to customize your switch plan.
  3. Transition and Save: Our team will guide you through the transition, ensuring a smooth migration to Filebase so you can immediately start enjoying the benefits.

Await Credit Confirmation:

We’ll review your invoice and application details. Once everything is verified, we'll apply credits to your account for three months of service, tailored to your usage needs. Look out for a confirmation email from us, which means you’re ready to start leveraging Filebase’s full suite of IPFS services.

Beyond the Switch

The Filebase Switch & Save Program is your gateway to a community at the forefront of decentralized storage innovation. Filebase is not just a service provider; we are a platform committed to enhancing user experience, security, and affordability in decentralized data storage. By choosing Filebase, you're opting for a service that stands out for its innovative approach, prioritizing performance, security, and support.

Post-freebie bliss, compare our regular plans to your ex-provider's. Chances are, you’ll find Filebase offers more bang for your buck, with the added perks of no rate limits and snappier access times.

Ready to Upgrade?

Embrace the future of IPFS with Filebase. Save on your storage costs, leverage our technological advancements, and join a community dedicated to redefining decentralized storage.

Apply to our Switch & Save Program and begin your Filebase journey today!