With the release of Filebase 2.0 we are very pleased to announce that we have added support for the Storj network to our platform. This new integration enables increased storage capacity for our customers, and serves as our second decentralized storage backend.

Through Filebase, users will be able to upload data easily onto the Storj network without running any additional software. You can use our browser-based console, or your existing tools that connect to our S3 compatible API.

This announcement makes Filebase the world's first object storage platform that supports multiple decentralized storage networks.
High level system architecture

Network Distribution

When you upload data to Filebase, you are now able to select which network your data is stored on: Each storage bucket is tied to a specific decentralized storage network.

You can associate a bucket with a specific network during the bucket creation process. Prior to today's announcement, all buckets were based on Sia. Starting today, Filebase users will be allowed to select their network of choice from the dropdown menu within the Create Bucket dialog.

Currently, data cannot be migrated between networks, however we are actively exploring this option for a future release.

Reducing Complexity

Our integrations enable Developers and Enterprises to interface with the Storj and Sia networks in much the same way as they would with AWS, without the need to self-host a Tardigrade Gateway or run a Sia node. Filebase addresses the needs of SMBs and Enterprises by providing a unified platform and interface that makes it easy for developers and applications to access decentralized storage.

Simple Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Today's update also includes some pricing changes. Previously, Filebase operated on a plan-based quota model. We have changed that, and billing is now based on a pay-as-you-go metered usage model with charges for both storage and egress.

Starting today, pricing will include a fixed-rate subscription of $5 per month, which includes 350 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. This low-cost entry point effectively addresses the needs of approximately 75% of our users. Additional storage is charged at $0.015/GB and additional outbound transfer at $0.015 / GB. Our pricing changes also reflect unreleased features that are coming soon to the platform.

This updated pricing goes into effect today for new users. Pricing changes for existing users will be delayed for 30 days and a notification will be emailed out. In an effort to help reduce egress costs for users moving forward, we have also implemented significant changes into our edge caching layer. You can read more about those changes here.

Enjoy 1TB for free, on us - For two months!

We're very excited about this new integration with the Storj network and it opens up a lot of new possibilities for us as we grow the Filebase platform.

In fact, we're so excited, that we want to celebrate this event by giving away 1 TB of storage space for two months. Simply create a Storj bucket on our platform, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to apply a credit to your account.