Announcing support for IPFS.
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Managed Object Storage

S3 compatible and cloud managed. Our robust object storage platform is designed for cloud-native applications where performance is critical.

Everything You Need

Modern object storage

One storage bucket on the Filebase platform is equal to 3 regionally distributed buckets on a traditional cloud, such as AWS.
S3 Compatible API
Our API functions as a drop-in replacement for existing applications and tools that use AWS S3.
Zero hassle
Increase operational efficiency by allowing us to manage your object storage workloads.

No Charges For Ingress or API Requests
We don't charge for ingress or API requests, so there's no need to worry about costly overages. Extra outbound transfer is charged by the gig.

Objects are redundantly stored (3x) across thousands of availability zones globally. Bucket replication policies are a thing of the past.

Engineered for Performance
Our proprietary edge caching technology increases throughput and lowers response times for both ingress and egress.

Predictable Pricing
Simple and easy to understand pay-as-you-go pricing.
5GB for everyone
Filebase offers a 5GB free tier to all users, with no expiration or trials.

No More Complicated Tiers
Object storage, always hot, whenever you need it.