Announcing support for IPFS.
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Elevate your cloud-native applications

Empower your cloud-native applications and microservices by leveraging Filebase's durable, scalable, and secure object storage.


Let's face it, software-defined storage is hard. Don't have the time to manage the physical drives in your Kubernetes cluster? Increase operational efficiency and worker node throughput by allowing us to manage your object storage workloads.

Simplify storage management

Orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes enable you to design cloud-native applications that are portable and can be deployed anywhere. Leverage cloud-managed object storage to free your storage layer too.

Kubernetes Backups

Filebase object storage has been validated for use by several Kubernetes backup tools. These integrations provide seamless interoperability which enable secure, encrypted, and geo-redundant backups.

These tools include:
  • Velero
  • Stash by AppsCode
  • Longhorn