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GigaOm Sonar Report: Filebase Named a Leader in Decentralized Storage

Learn how Filebase is accelerating the adoption of Web3

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What's in the Report?

The GigaOm Emerging Technology Impact Report is focused on emerging technologies and market segments. It helps organizations of all sizes to understand a technology, its strengths and weaknesses, and its fit within an overall IT strategy.

The world's first object storage platform powered by multiple decentralized storage networks, Filebase is helping customers save over 90% on their storage costs compared to traditional cloud providers. Our proprietary edge-caching technology helps customers achieve industry-leading performance when fetching data from decentralized networks.

The GigaOm Sonar Report focuses on

  • An overview of our technology
  • Considerations for adoption
  • A graphical representation of the market and how Filebase is focused on our value proposition and our roadmap for the future
  • A 12-18 month forecast of the future development of Filebase and our ecosystem

Blockchain technology plays a fundamental role in modern decentralized storage. Not only can it be used to create an internal currency to simplify raw storage resources and data services trading, it can also improve peer-to-peer network security, information integrity, and data reliability.

Enrico Signoretti

Analyst, GigaOm

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