Upholding a Free Tier: The IPFS Challenge

Four years into our journey at Filebase, we stand amid a shifting technological landscape where continuity and reliability are more valued than ever. In such times, we are not just continuing but reaffirming our pledge to offer a free IPFS tier.

Upholding a Free Tier: The IPFS Challenge

Four years into our journey at Filebase, we stand amid a shifting technological landscape where continuity and reliability are more valued than ever. In such times, we are not just continuing but reaffirming our pledge to offer a free tier. This commitment reflects our understanding of the value that this service brings to developers and users alike. Throughout this article, we will discuss the complexities involved in maintaining a free tier, the strategies we employ to sustain it, and the core reasons behind our unwavering dedication to this cause.

The Challenge of Free: Navigating Fraud and Cost

The most formidable challenge in offering a free tier, especially in the realms of storage and IPFS, is the ongoing battle against abuse and fraud. The start of 2023 saw an alarming spike in IPFS phishing attacks, underscoring a stark reality: free services are prime targets for malicious activities. Although we've put measures in place like IP blacklisting and device identification, these methods are not foolproof.

To illustrate the extent of these threats, we turn to data from Trend Micro, which documented threats on the IPFS network month over month throughout 2022. The following table provides a clear depiction of the increasing challenges we face in maintaining a secure environment for our users.

Source: IPFS: A New Data Frontier or a New Cybercriminal Hideout?

Despite these challenges, we've chosen not to enforce credit card requirements at sign-up. It's a common strategy, but one that introduces unnecessary barriers for users just wanting to explore our platform. Earlier this year, we scaled down certain free tier features to manage fraudulent activity better, ensuring that our paying customers continue to receive a high-quality service.

Infrastructure: The Key to Sustainable Free Services

Our free tier's sustainability is a direct result of our decision to operate our own bare metal infrastructure. This approach steers us clear of the common inefficiencies and dependencies associated with using third-party providers. By managing our infrastructure, we provide a robust free tier and maintain high-quality service for our paid customers, free from the ripple effects of cost overruns.

Furthermore, our proactive infrastructure management insulates our users from the industry-wide outages that frequently impact services relying on centralized public cloud providers. As evidenced by recent disruptions among many pinning services and decentralized products, our approach stands out. Our users, whether they’re utilizing our free tier or are paid subscribers, continue to have uninterrupted access to IPFS pinning services, their respective gateways, and our own managed CDN layer. This illustrates Filebase's unwavering commitment to delivering reliable services and empowering our users, even amidst widespread technical challenges.

The images above depict the impact of Cloudflare's outage on October 31st, 2023—unrelated to pinning services but illustrative of disruptions faced when centralized services underpin Web3 products. Filebase users, in contrast, maintained uninterrupted access during such events.

Free Tier as a Catalyst for Growth and Innovation

Taking a leaf from Vineet Kumar’s freemium playbook, we understand that our free tier is the fertile ground from which robust, feature-rich functionalities grow. We're mirroring this philosophy at Filebase, ensuring our free tier is the entry point to a wider world of possibilities. By offering substantial value without upfront costs, we're fostering a community of innovators and forward-thinkers.

We're setting trends, not just reacting to them, by aligning our roadmap with our community's needs and the dynamic pace of technological advancement. As Kumar suggests, freemium is about a commitment to perpetual innovation. That's our pledge at Filebase: to keep the digital landscape fertile for growth, innovation, and the continuous expansion of our service ecosystem.

IPFS Pricing Plans Tailored for Every Stage of Development

As we uphold our commitment to a free tier, we're also mindful of the diverse needs of our users. That's why we offer a range of plans, each designed to support different stages of growth and development:

  • Free: Begin your journey with IPFS without any financial pressure. Our Free plan offers 5 GB Storage and 1000 Pinned Files, perfect for trying out IPFS, and no credit card is required.
  • Starter: At $20/month, this plan is tailored for creators and developers who need more. Enjoy Unlimited Files, 200 GB Storage, 400 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IPFS Gateway, plus competitive rates for additional storage and bandwidth.
  • Pro: Scale with ease for $100/month. Get Unlimited Files, 1000 GB Storage, 2000 GB Bandwidth, and 3 Dedicated IPFS Gateways. This plan is designed for projects that are growing in scope and scale.
  • Business: Our premium offering at $500/month supports businesses with extensive storage and bandwidth needs. With Unlimited Files, 5000 GB Storage, and 10000 GB Bandwidth, plus 5 Dedicated IPFS Gateways, this plan ensures you have the infrastructure to succeed.

Looking Ahead: Sustaining Our Promise

As we peer into the future, our vision for Filebase is clear: to keep refining and expanding our services while holding fast to the promise of a free tier. We're not just keeping the lights on; we're upgrading the grid. Our commitment goes beyond mere access—it's about improving user experience, strengthening security, and ensuring that our infrastructure isn't just robust but also future-proof. We're deploying new features, honing our user interface, and reinforcing our network—all to guarantee that the developers and users who rely on us today can continue to do so tomorrow, and long after.

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