We Are Sunsetting Our Sia Integration, Here's Everything You Need to Know

Learn more about our plan for sunsetting our Sia integration and the reasons why.

We Are Sunsetting Our Sia Integration, Here's Everything You Need to Know

Today we have some important news to share with our wonderful Filebase community. Our journey together in the realm of decentralized storage has been nothing short of amazing, and we are here today to announce a strategic decision that will pave the way for even greater innovations and a more streamlined experience for all of you.

The Evolution of Decentralized Storage

Right from the start, Filebase has been dedicated to redefining the way we approach data storage and access. As part of this commitment, we introduced an integration with Sia, a decentralized storage platform built on blockchain technology. This integration has been live since May of 2019. However, as time has progressed over the last 4 years, it's become evident that our Sia integration hasn't quite achieved the level of adoption we had envisioned. We firmly believe in pushing boundaries and evolving to meet your needs, which sometimes means making tough decisions.

Saying Farewell to Sia

After an in-depth analysis of usage data and the overall impact compared to our other products, we've made the decision to bid farewell to our Sia integration. While Sia held promise, we've realized that our goals and vision have evolved over time. This realization has led us to refocus our efforts on what truly matters: delivering an unparalleled decentralized storage experience that is aligned with your unique requirements.

Embracing the Power of IPFS

But rest assured, our journey doesn't stop here. We're excited to reaffirm our commitment to the IPFS stack (InterPlanetary File System), a technology that has captured the imagination of the decentralized storage community. We firmly believe that IPFS has the potential to revolutionize data storage, sharing, and access. By dedicating our resources to IPFS, we're ensuring that you have access to a cutting-edge, resilient, and secure storage solution that aligns with the future.

We understand that change can be both exciting and challenging. To provide ample time for a smooth transition, we're offering a generous 90-day window for you to migrate your data from existing Sia buckets to alternative storage solutions. The deadline for this migration is November 15th, 2023. Any data that remains in Sia buckets after this date will be automatically deleted.

To simplify the migration process further, we will be introducing an optional one-click migration button for all Sia buckets. This feature will allow you to convert any pre-existing Sia bucket into an IPFS bucket, ensuring a seamless transition without any unnecessary hassle. An active IPFS subscription will be required to take advantage of this feature.

Looking Ahead

As we bid farewell to our Sia integration, we want to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and trust. The future holds exciting possibilities, and we're committed to delivering the best possible storage experience through our renewed focus on IPFS. Together, we will continue to shape the landscape of decentralized storage and deliver innovative solutions that empower you in new and exciting ways.

Thank you for being a part of the Filebase journey.