Spotlight: How Nosible Saved 85% on Storage Costs with Filebase

Spotlight: How Nosible Saved 85% on Storage Costs with Filebase


Nosible is an AI-powered idea generation platform that helps investors discover and analyze global opportunities that match their investment style. The Nosible team has spent the past decade building AI systems to help funds make sound investment decisions and manage their risks.

Business Challenge

Before finding Filebase, cloud storage costs were skyrocketing for Nosible. A distributed system running across multiple GPU servers, they train financial models on over 50,000 companies and 150,000 listings daily. Keeping this data fresh on every server consumed endless API requests, which meant that Nosible was being charged a fortune.

What They Were Looking For in a Solution

  • Significant cost savings
  • S3 compatibility
  • Network performance
  • Reliability
  • Latency

Filebase as the Solution

• Significant cost savings: As they prepare to scale and store 10-20x more data, the AWS S3 pricing model was already unsustainable.

• S3 compatibility: Because Filebase's S3-compatible API worked right out of the box with all of Nosible's existing tech stack, switching from AWS was a configuration change that happened in seconds - no code changes were required of the Nosible infrastructure team.

• Network performance: Due to Filebase's edge-caching technology, Nosible experienced increased throughput and dramatically lowered response times across their ingress and egress data.

• Reliability and latency: Thanks to Filebase being geo-redundant by default, the Nosible team did not need to build out costly replication policies to ensure a proper 3-2-1 strategy.  Through Filebase, they can rest assured that - thanks to decentralized blockchain solutions - they don't need to worry about data center outages. (To learn more about the dangers of traditional cloud storage solutions, check out "What Happens When My Cloud Goes Down?")

For a company like Nosible, Filebase's flat-rate prices and highly performant experience made their cloud deployment scalable while keeping monthly storage charges affordable.

Switching to Filebase allows the Nosible team to focus on innovating their unique investment platform, while significantly reducing cloud storage expenses, introducing greater redundancy and - as a result - improved security.

Experience Filebase today: Get started with 5GB of free object storage with no expirations and no trials.