Spotlight: How Cardmarket Saved Over 90% with Filebase

Spotlight: How Cardmarket Saved Over 90% with Filebase


Cardmarket is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows the buying and selling of trading card products in an easy and efficient way. Founded in 2007, Cardmarket is Europe's largest online marketplace for trading card games. Featuring games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, the platform has hosted over 90,000,000 card offers, has 300,000+ users, and is currently used in 30 different countries.


Business Challenge

Before Filebase, Cardmarket had legacy infrastructure. Cardmarket processes thousands of trading card images on their website daily, which creates a high number of API calls (resulting in a high bill).

And as Cardmarket has grown over the years, the team has grown as well.

The Cardmarket team was looking for:

  • Improvements in the management of consumer expectations
  • An easy way and share to store all of the marketing content that had not previously existed

What They Were Looking For in a Solution

  • Fast performance
  • Reliability
  • An easy-to-use dashboard that allowed the Cardmarket marketing team to store videos and files in a collaborative cloud storage platform
  • Cost savings

Filebase as the Solution

  • Fast performance: Due to Filebase's edge-caching technology, Cardmarket has experienced increasingly fast performance for their customers as well as their internal team.
  • Reliability: Thanks to Filebase being geo-redundant by default, the Cardmarket team did not need to build out costly replication policies to ensure a proper 3-2-1 strategy.  Through Filebase, they can rest assured that - thanks to decentralized blockchain solutions - they don't need to worry about data center outages. (To learn more about the dangers of traditional cloud storage solutions, check out "What Happens When My Cloud Goes Down?")
  • "Drive"- like functionality: Filebase's easy-to-use dashboard allows their marketing team to easily and efficiently share files across the department.
  • Significant cost savings: With Filebase's transparent and affordable pricing, Cardmarket has saved over 90%.

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