Migrate Data from Web2 to Web3 with Filebase and Flexify.IO

Migrate Data from Web2 to Web3 with Filebase and Flexify.IO

We're excited to announce our integration with Flexify.IO, a leading multi-cloud storage virtualization and migration provider!

Flexify.IO helps companies realize their multi-cloud strategy by creating a cloud-agnostic storage layer, enabling flexible data migration across clouds.

This allows Flexify.IO clients to migrate their data in seconds from dozens of cloud providers and storage systems such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, Google Cloud Platform and others with ease.  Starting today, data can now be migrated onto decentralized storage networks, thanks to this native integration with Filebase.

Filebase allows developers and enterprises to harness the power of Web3 by providing access to geo-redundant object storage that is built on top of decentralized networks. Data can be managed and transferred using an S3-Compatible API, the Filebase platform does not require users to acquire cryptocurrency.

Decentralized storage take advantage of unused and underutilized storage capacity from all over the world, allowing Filebase to achieve a globally available presence and offer an average cost savings of 85%, compared to the traditional cloud.

Flexify.IO charges $0.03 per GB for migration to Filebase from most clouds.

Flexify.IO is a major provider of migration services that has allowed data owners to transfer over 20 petabytes of data and billions of objects over just the course of the last year. The service simplifies the migration process, ensuring maximum throughput, resolving errors and eliminating downtime during migration.

Filebase is natively integrated with Flexify.IO, as well as many other software tools used by developers and enterprises worldwide. These integrations enable developers to build applications that harness the privacy, security, and cost advantages of decentralized infrastructure.

Flexify.io users can Sign Up to receive 5TB of Object Storage (for one month free) using code "FLEXIFY".

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