IPNS and IPFS: Everything You Need to Know

IPNS and IPFS revolutionize internet data storage and management. This guide explores their functions and Filebase's integration, providing an affordable, user-friendly platform.

IPNS and IPFS: Everything You Need to Know

IPNS (InterPlanetary Name System) and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) are reshaping the way we handle data storage and management on the internet. In this guide, we'll explore each technology's functionalities and how Filebase effectively integrates them, offering a cost-efficient and user-friendly platform.

Introduction to IPFS

IPFS is a decentralized storage solution, revolutionizing traditional web protocols with a content-addressable system and a blazing fast edge-network for content retrieval.

Highlights of IPFS

  • Content Addressing: Files on IPFS are uniquely identified by their content, using cryptographic hashes.
  • Decentralization: Distribution across various nodes reduces central points of failure.
  • Efficiency: Peer-to-peer protocol shares bandwidth, enhancing speed and reducing costs.

Benefits of IPFS

  • Redundant Storage: Files are redundantly stored across nodes, ensuring availability.
  • Data Integrity: Cryptographic hashes protect against file tampering.
  • Scalability: The network can grow with the data demands.

Understanding IPNS

IPNS Names adds mutable names to static IPFS links, enhancing usability.

Enhancements from IPNS

  • Persistent Names for Dynamic Content: IPNS offers stable naming for content that is regularly updated.
  • Simple Versioning: Keep the same IPNS link while updating content.
  • Secure Content Updates: Public key cryptography authenticates content updates.

Advantages of IPNS

  • User-Friendly Addresses: Simplifies the sharing and remembering of links.
  • Dynamic Content Management: Ideal for applications requiring regular updates.
  • Expanded Functionality: Broadens the use cases for IPFS.

Filebase: Integrating IPFS and IPNS

Filebase uniquely combines IPFS and IPNS, providing a cost-effective and accessible platform for decentralized data management.

Why Choose Filebase

  • Competitive Pricing: Filebase offers attractive $/TB rates for bandwidth, standing out among pinning providers.
  • IPNS Naming Services: Free Plans include one IPNS name. Paid plans include IPNS name provisioning, easing the management of dynamic content.
  • Custom Domain Support: Filebase offers the ability to configure your own custom domain for IPFS, enabling personalized and branded access to your IPFS-hosted content.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Streamlines uploading and managing content on both IPFS and IPNS.
  • Scalability and Affordability: Designed to scale with users' needs while maintaining affordability.

Integrating Filebase with IPFS/IPNS

  • Effortless File Management: Direct uploads to IPFS and easy management of IPNS names via Filebase.
  • Cost-Efficient Content Distribution: Utilize the decentralized nature of IPFS for more affordable content distribution.
  • Pin Sync for Easy Migrations: Filebase's IPFS Pin Sync tool facilitates easy migrations of IPFS data, ensuring seamless transitions and management of existing IPFS content.
  • Accessible and Shareable Files: Easily access and share files stored on IPFS and managed through IPNS.

Real-World Applications

Content Distribution

Efficient global file distribution using IPFS, with IPNS providing stable links for regularly updated content.

Data Archiving

Secure archiving on IPFS, with accessible versioning via IPNS, both offered affordably through Filebase.

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Developers can build dApps on IPFS, utilizing IPNS for dynamic content, all streamlined with Filebase's interface.


IPNS and IPFS are redefining digital content storage and management. Filebase stands as the preferred platform, offering affordable rates, IPNS naming, and tools like IPFS Pin Sync for easy data migration. For individuals and enterprises seeking efficient decentralized data solutions, Filebase's integration of IPFS and IPNS represents a comprehensive, cost-effective choice.