Introducing the Filebase Content Delivery Network

Introducing the Filebase Content Delivery Network

Today, we are excited to finally introduce the Filebase Content Delivery Network, our cutting-edge solution crafted to redefine IPFS content delivery. This innovation marks a pivotal step for our global user base, delivering unprecedented performance enhancements.

Global Reach, Localized Delivery

Spanning three continents, the Filebase CDN features multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) in key locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Leveraging geolocation-based load balancing, the Filebase CDN automatically directs traffic to the nearest data center, minimizing latency and turbocharging content delivery speed—whether over HTTPS or Bitswap. This global network ensures that no matter where users are located, they can access IPFS content quickly and reliably.

A Unique Position in the IPFS Landscape

What sets Filebase apart in the competitive landscape is its direct ownership and operation of the content delivery layer. Many of our competitors rely on third-party CDNs such as Cloudflare and Cloudfront to distribute their content. However, this reliance introduces a strong element of centralization, and when an outage occurs, entire portions of the internet can become unavailable because so many applications rely on them.

Filebase's decision to build and manage our own CDN means we have full control over the delivery infrastructure and can tailor it to meet the unique demands of IPFS. This level of control gives us several advantages over competitors who rely on third-party services:

  1. Optimized for IPFS: Unlike third-party CDNs, which serve a wide range of content types, the Filebase CDN is fine-tuned specifically for IPFS. This specialization allows us to provide lightning-fast content delivery that's tailored to common IPFS use cases.
  2. Reduced Dependency: By not relying on third parties, we eliminate potential bottlenecks and points of failure. Our network's reliability and performance are under our direct control.
  3. Enhanced Security: Owning and operating our CDN enables us to implement rigorous security measures, safeguarding your content against potential threats.
  4. Customization: We can continually optimize our network to adapt to the evolving landscape of IPFS, ensuring you always benefit from the latest advancements in content delivery technology. For example, we can now deploy customized caching strategies based on user needs, without having to pay for marked-up page rules or serverless functions from cloud providers. (which can drive up costs significantly)

Superior Performance Across the Globe

Across continents, the Filebase CDN has consistently outperformed competitors with lower latency and superior Time to First Byte (TTFB). TTFB is a crucial metric in the world of web performance, representing the time it takes from the user making a request to receiving the first byte of data. A lower TTFB means that users can access and view content much quicker, enhancing the overall user experience.

We've compiled a set of easy to read test results that showcase these performance advantages. In the test results below, we ran a series of (6) test runs against our own dedicated IPFS gateway and against a competitors dedicated gateway. The tests were run using a 3rd party TTFB testing tool from SpeedVitals, and the most performant results from both services are shown below.

Europe Results

America Results

Asia Pacific & Africa

As you can see from the results above, Filebase offers significant TTFB latency improvements when compared to Competitor A. In Europe, Filebase's average TTFB is 61 ms—compared to Competitor A's 1.1 seconds. In America, our average is 135 ms, while Competitor A lags at 1.3 seconds. Lastly, our average in Asia is a mere 222 ms, compared to Competitor A's staggering 1.9 seconds. The message is clear: Filebase delivers content swiftly, no matter where you are.

One important detail to note is that both services were serving cached content in every region that was tested. This was indicated by the cache status of the HTTP response headers. Therefore, this test removes any public IPFS network slowdowns or roadblocks, and purely relies on testing the delivery of static content from each providers infrastructure.

A Proven Track Record

It's worth noting that while we're officially announcing the Filebase CDN today, it is not a newcomer. It's been the backbone of our service for over a year, tried and tested in the real world. All our services, including our website, dashboard, APIs, and IPFS gateways, now harness the power of the Filebase CDN. And with custom domain provisioning, our users enjoy the full might of our global platform automatically.


The Filebase CDN represents a significant leap forward in the delivery of IPFS content. Our CDN not only underscores our commitment to innovation and performance but also reinforces our competitive edge in the IPFS market. With the Filebase CDN, users and creators can look forward to a future where content is delivered faster, more reliably, and with an optimization level that sets a new standard in the industry.

Are you ready to experience unparalleled content delivery speed and reliability? Sign up for a Filebase account today and unlock the full potential of our optimized IPFS CDN.