Introducing API Token Support for Dedicated IPFS Gateways

Introducing API Token Support for Dedicated IPFS Gateways

Filebase has always been committed to providing reliable and secure infrastructure for decentralized file storage. In our continued effort to enhance security and offer greater control to our users, we are thrilled to introduce the API token feature for Filebase Dedicated IPFS Gateways. This powerful feature allows users to protect their dedicated gateway and prevent unauthorized access, providing an additional layer of security.

Enhanced Security with API Tokens

API tokens act as authentication credentials that are required to access and interact with a dedicated IPFS gateway provided by Filebase. By implementing this feature, users can ensure that only authorized parties have access to their gateway and the data stored within it. This not only safeguards sensitive information but also prevents unauthorized usage, mitigates potential attacks, and strengthens overall security. With API tokens, users can also control their bandwidth costs by limiting access to only authorized users and applications.

Multiple Tokens for Enhanced Control

To offer greater flexibility and control, Filebase supports multiple API tokens for a single dedicated IPFS gateway. This allows users to generate unique tokens for different applications, services, or collaborators. Whether you are managing multiple projects or collaborating with different individuals, multiple tokens enable you to streamline access and maintain a comprehensive audit trail.

Passing API Tokens: Query String or Header

Filebase has made it convenient to pass API tokens when making HTTP requests to dedicated IPFS gateways. Users have two options for including the token:

  • Query String Parameter: Users can append the filebaseGatewayToken query string parameter to the URL when making an HTTP request to the dedicated gateway. For example:
  • Header: Users can also include the x-filebase-gateway-token header in their HTTP request. The token should be set as the header value. For example:
x-filebase-gateway-token: your_token_here

By offering both options, Filebase ensures compatibility with different client implementations and frameworks, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their requirements and preferences.

Generating and Managing API Tokens

Filebase provides a user-friendly interface to generate and manage API tokens for dedicated IPFS gateways. Through the Filebase dashboard, users can easily create, view, edit, or revoke tokens as needed. The ability to revoke tokens provides an additional layer of security, enabling users to instantly block access to their gateway when required, such as in the event of a compromised token.

To create or modify a token, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select a Dedicated IPFS Gateway from the Gateways page of your dashboard.
  2. In the top right corner, select the orange Authorization button.
  3. A modal will pop up. Here you can add, update, and remove API tokens.

The API token feature for Filebase Dedicated IPFS Gateways offers enhanced security and control for users, allowing them to protect their gateway and data from unauthorized access. By supporting multiple tokens and providing flexible options for passing tokens via query string parameters or headers, Filebase empowers users with granular control over access permissions. Whether you are an individual developer, a team, or an organization, Filebase is committed to providing secure and reliable infrastructure for your IPFS storage needs.

Upgrade your Filebase Dedicated IPFS Gateway today and start leveraging the power of API tokens to safeguard your gateway. Secure, protect, and maintain control with Filebase.