How to Mount Web3 Storage as a Folder on Your Desktop

Learn how to mount Decentralized Storage as a folder on your desktop. Drag and Drop onto Web3 in seconds, using Filebase and Mountain Duck.

How to Mount Web3 Storage as a Folder on Your Desktop

Mountain Duck is a free cloud storage browser application for Windows and Mac OSX that supports mounting cloud storage services on your local computer.

To access decentralized storage networks via Filebase as a local drive, follow these steps:


You will need to first download and install Mountain Duck. You will also need to have your Filebase access and secret keys and a Filebase bucket to get started.

Setting up Mountain Duck

To set up Mountain Duck, start by opening the Mountain Duck client. From the top drop down menu, select 'Amazon S3' from the list of options.

Then, configure the following settings to connect to your Filebase account:

Enter a nickname for the connection, enter the server URL as '', and set the port as 443. You will also need to provide your Filebase S3 API Access Key and S3 Secret Key, found in the Filebase web console under Access Keys.

When you're finished setting the configuration details, select 'Connect'.

Using Mountain Duck to Access Decentralized Cloud Storage

A file explorer window will appear showing your Filebase buckets as mounted storage locations.

You can now interact with your Filebase buckets like any other folder on your local computer.

From this window, you can click and drag files and folders from other windows to be uploaded to your Filebase bucket.

To confirm that the files are reflected in your Filebase bucket, check the bucket’s contents through the Filebase web console.

It’s that simple! You can now continue to use your Filebase storage buckets on your local computer, making file backups seamless to the decentralized web.

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