Introducing Filebase   S3-compatible object storage backed by Sia

Introducing Filebase   S3-compatible object storage backed by Sia.

Introducing Filebase   S3-compatible object storage backed by Sia

Filebase is the simplest and most affordable way to store your data.

Built on the Sia decentralized cloud network — Filebase offers a flat-rate low-cost price structure versus centralized cloud storage providers.

Store your world, on Filebase.

Storing 1TB of files on Filebase costs $5 per month, compared with ~$23 for Amazon S3.

No Additional Fees, unlike the cloud guys.

Most people are aware that Amazon offers low-cost cloud storage.
Filebase elevates the cloud to a whole new paradigm:

  • One Flat-rate — Simple every month
    S3-compatible object storage at a fraction of the price.
  • Filebase Caching Technology
    Quick access to your files when you want them. Sia is a great technology for storage. However, things can slow down sometimes when downloading directly from the Sia network. That’s why Filebase securely caches your frequently accessed files, resulting in lightning fast performance.
  • No Upload Fees, No Egress Fees.
    No more monitoring thresholds and charts monthly.
    Because Filebase offers unlimited bandwidth for any subscription plan, you can use our S3 API to migrate, move, or interact with your data on your own terms.

Stop owing the cloud guys lots of money.
Sign up today and get 5GB for free —