Filebase and VoxBox Collaborate to Store Virtual Worlds on Web3

November 8, 2022
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VoxBox is a metaverse development platform that features the ability to customize and download a personalized metaverse space in less than five minutes. Other services of VoxBox include digital wearable creation for metaverse avatars and Web3 consultation to provide insight and direction for new Web3 projects.

Filebase is a geo-redundant IPFS pinning service and decentralized storage provider. The Filebase platform is S3-compatible, allowing for widespread compatibility across different tools, SDKs, and code bases.

Through this partnership, VoxBox has plans to use Filebase for:
- Storing their platform’s data, such as metaverse world files and digital assets.
- Storing their MongoDB database for user data, .glib files, and analytics in a secure and geo-redundant manner.
- Adding an additional layer of decentralization to their metaverse platform by utilizing Filebase’s for decentralized storage on the backend.

In return, Filebase will benefit from VoxBox through:
- Directing developers and enterprises to a metaverse creation platform for creating custom metaverse worlds in a quick and easy manner.

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