Filebase and Akash Announce Partnership

We've partnered with Akash Network to provide developers and enterprises with access to multi-cloud S3 Object Storage and open-source decentralized compute.

Filebase and Akash Announce Partnership

We are announcing a partnership with Akash Network enabling users immediate access to decentralized (open-source) compute, paired with powerful S3 Compatible Object Storage.

Akash and Filebase help to reduce cloud costs by up to 85 percent, compared to traditional cloud services.

A core goal of dWeb technology is to help people and organizations regain control of their computing and storage. By pairing Filebase and Akash Network together, data can quickly migrate from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, onto a decentralized network of cloud providers.


Filebase is the world’s first object storage platform powered by multiple decentralized storage networks. Named as a recent leader in GigaOm's Sonar Report for Decentralized Storage, Filebase helps customers save over 90% on their storage costs compared to traditional cloud providers. Additionally, Filebase’s proprietary edge caching technology helps customers achieve industry-leading performance when fetching data from decentralized networks.

Our platform offers a browser-based dashboard and S3-compatible API to deploy, access, and manage data across multiple decentralized storage networks.


Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud, accelerates deployment, scale, efficiency and price performance for high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI. Developers leveraging Akash Network can access cloud computing at up to three times less than the cost of centralized cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Akash offers an open source platform to quickly deploy an application from a Docker image to a live container hosted by Cloud providers.

What does this mean for developers?

Through this partnership, developers and enterprises now have the ability to pair dWeb applications with the thousands of existing backup tools, application SDKs and frameworks that they already know and love. By offering open-source dWeb compute and petabyte-scale object storage,

An easy onramp. Flowing data onto the decentralized web

Things Are Getting Pinteresting

The first integration with Akash was launched months before this partnership. The Pinterest app on Rails can be seen live on and features adorable and adoptable animals in a Pinterest-like view. The web app streams images from decentralized storage using Filebase’s S3 Compatible API. Backups are also stored using the same API. - Decentralized Pinterest Clone

The collaboration has fostered various community-driven projects that can be hosted on both Akash and Filebase

   • PostgreSQL server auto-restore/backup
   • How To: Deploying a decentralized blog
   • Hosted Cosmos nodes
   • Hosted Helium Validator

“We’re excited to pair our S3 compatible access layer to decentralized storage networks, with the power and flexibility of Akash Network. We can’t wait to see what our ecosystem builds through the pairing of dWeb compute and multi-cloud storage as one.” - Joshua Noble, CEO and Co-founder of Filebase.

“Decentralized, blockchain-based infrastructure services are quickly establishing themselves as foundational elements for the potential next generation of cloud IaaS," said Andrew Smith, Research Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Services at IDC. "These services bring differentiated technology to market which is applicable to real-world use cases like storage and compute cost reduction, data compliance, backup, archive, and long-term cold storage. The partnership between Filebase and Akash highlights the continued evolution and improvements to this emerging market segment."

Deploy today, and receive 1 TB in storage (on us) and $100 in Akash credits: