Drag and drop macOS uploads to Filebase using Dropshare

Drag and drop macOS uploads to Filebase using Dropshare

Dropshare is a 3rd party paid tool for macOS and one of the easiest ways for you to natively upload and share your files from your Mac. Dropshare also supports iOS and we'll be covering that functionality in a future blog post!

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to setup Dropshare to quickly upload files to Filebase - an S3 compatible object storage platform that offers users easy and affordable access to storing data on decentralized storage networks.

Here's a short list of some of the functionality that Dropshare enhances Filebase with:

• Drag and Drop multipart uploads via macOS or iOS
• Easy screen recording, annotations and sharing
• Clipboard / URL shortener for link-sharing
• iOS app access to your Filebase bucket(s)
• A fast, WYSIWYG experience to Web3 object storage in a highly performant manner, without requiring cryptocurrency or synchronizing blockchains.

Setup Dropshare on your Mac

To set up Dropshare, you need two things — the app (macOS or iOS) and a Filebase account. You'll want to create a storage bucket first too.

You can download Dropshare directly from the developer’s website and try it free for seven days.  

Don't have a Filebase account yet? Sign up for free today and your first 5GB is on us: https://filebase.com/signup

Once installed, Dropshare runs as a menu bar app within macOS. To set up a connection, click on the Dropshare icon in the menu bar, click on the cog in the top right-hand corner of the drop-down window, select Preferences, and then select the Connections tab. From here, you can set up as many connections as you like, to as many services as you use.

1. Select Third-Party Cloud

2. Click Filebase

3. Get Access Keys

Go to Filebase Settings and find your S3 API keys. Note down the S3 API Access Key and S3 API Secret Access Key.

Enter your credentials, and your connection should be good to go.


Dropshare is an application that enables an easy and native way to drag and drop files from Mac and iOS devices to a hosted bucket on the Filebase platform.