Celebrate World Backup Day 2022 with 5TB free from Filebase!

March 31st is World Backup Day. As part of this annual celebration we're pleased to provide 5TB of decentralized cloud storage on Filebase FREE (for one-month).

Celebrate World Backup Day 2022 with 5TB free from Filebase!

Did you know that 21% of people have never backed up their digital data? In the US alone, that means about 69,804,766 people could lose all of their photos, videos, and personal files if their hard drive crashes or is stolen.

March 31st is World Backup Day. As part of this annual celebration we're pleased to provide 5TB of decentralized cloud storage on Filebase FREE (for one-month).

You can take advantage of this offer by signing up for a new account with us using the promotion code WORLDBACKUP

Why Bother to Backup your Data?

About 29% of all data loss is caused by an accident, such as an accidental deletion or an accident that compromises data stored on physical hardware. The remaining 69% of data loss is caused by disaster, malware or hardware failure.

It’s estimated that one-third of all computers have malicious software on them, and by the minute, 113 phones or devices are stolen or lost. If this data isn’t backed up, it’s gone and unretrievable. Irreplaceable data such as personal photos, videos, or important documents, are fundamental to our lives in today's digital age.

Ransomware can cause major headaches for those who are unlucky enough to fall victim to it. In a recent study, only 29% of victims were able to restore all their data following an attack. Of these 29%, 50% lost some files, 32% lost a significant portion of files, and 13% lost the entirety of their data.

Backup VS Storage

When trying to safeguard your data, you should understand the difference between backup and storage. While backup protects your data when it's lost or stolen, storage leaves it vulnerable. Secure both locations to safeguard data from breaches.

Think of backup as making copies of content that you may need in the future.

Think of storage as a place where we keep content that we may not be using right now, but might use later.

Most modern SMB's and Enterprises follow a 3-2-1 backup strategy.

The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

  • Three Copies of Data: It is essential to keep a copy of the original data and at least two backups.
  • Two Different Storage Types: Both copies of the backed up data should be kept on two separate storage types, such as an internal hard drive and an external hard drive, or a Network Attached Storage device and a cloud storage solution.
  • One Copy Offsite: If you store at least one data copy offsite, you will be able to recover lost data in the event of a natural or geographical disaster.

Achieve 3-2-1 with Filebase

At Filebase we believe that the future of cloud storage and disaster recovery is decentralized and geo-redundant. As the world’s first object storage platform powered by multiple decentralized storage networks, we form strategic partnerships with cutting-edge decentralized cloud storage networks.

We keep your files safe on thousands of servers worldwide enabling direct access from anywhere. These servers are the equivalent of miniature datacenters.

Data is stored redundantly across the globe instead of in a centralized location. Every file is encrypted and uploaded onto the decentralized web.

In addition to our geo-redundant architecture, Filebase's S3-compatible API integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications, tools, and SDKs. Filebase makes migrating data from centralized storage locations to Web3 simple with a few clicks.

Happy World Backup Day from Filebase!

Take the World Backup Day Pledge and vow to backup your data today. Ensure your digital assets are protected from disaster and data loss by migrating them to the decentralized web.


I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.

We want to ensure the safety of your important data. To make it convenient for you, we're giving all new paid members of Filebase 5 TB of decentralized storage (for one-month) free of charge!

To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a paid account and use the promotional code WORLDBACKUP upon upgrade.

Questions? Check out our excellent documentation found here, or simply reach out to us: hello@filebase.com or by joining by our Discord.